The Foundation

Joined by WarPaint International Beauty Agency leaders, WarPaint Artisans, community organizations, and others who want to make a difference, The WarPaint International Foundation passionately drives the mission of educating, empowering and motivating young people struggling with self-confidence and inner beauty. This mission began in 2014 when a foundation was conceived to help the people and places that make the business of WarPaint International possible. Our core values are: educate and contribute. A deep desire to help shape the lives of young boys and girls in their quest for entrepreneurship, success and happiness inspires us. Working with exceptional affiliate organizations, we create environments for thought and positive change in the minds of young people in a superficially demanding society. Won't you join us?

Bellissimo Photography NYC

Bellissimo Photography NYC

What we do

WarPaint International Artisan Foundation

We're crystal clear on unacceptable issues and great entrepreneurial approaches. Using the strength of the WarPaint International family, and the brand's outreaching network within the beauty industry, we provide support and education to help self-confidence and etiquette inside an increasingly demanding environment of social media and unrealistic expectations. We teach the meaning of real beauty and self-worth. We raise awareness and take action around important issues.  

We empower young entrepreneurs to make change for good. We help them identify their resources and navigate through one of the world's largest growing industries - an industry that is lacking in professionalism and etiquette. We touch the lives of open minds and foster positive growth. We prepare them for the stage of life by helping them find inner beauty and self-confidence. 

Our Mission

Educate, empower and inspire young people struggling with self-confidence and inner beauty. One person at a time. 

Artifices Uniendum. Parabit se ad Bellum.

Our Vision & Accountability

Our vision is to provide a national platform for beauty education, confidence workshops, motivational speaking, industry etiquette, and support mechanisms for young women, female business owners, entrepreneurs and for the preservation of the Artisan’s Craft. 

WarPaint International, it's Artisans, and affiliates symbolize luxury and excellence in the beauty industry. Our interactions, mannerisms and professionalism scope the experiences that our clients have with us, our partner businesses and our competitors. Providing a foundation for young Artisans, female business owners and Entrepreneurs struggling to navigate the modern business culture identify their own identity, has enabled us to not only touch the lives of those individuals, but every life they touch in their career path. We believe that life is a stage. We help young people "Prepare For Battle".