4 Ways to Become More confident

Can You Become More Confident?

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According to Psychology Today, Confidence can be described as a belief in one's ability to succeed. Striking a healthy balance can be challenging. Too much of it and you can come off as cocky and stumble into unforeseen obstacles, but having too little can prevent you from taking risks and seizing opportunities—in school, at work, in your social life, and beyond.

You Are What You Wear

So you're looking for ways to become more confident... Your self-perception can be affected by something as simple as the clothes you wear. Scientists call this “enclothed cognition”. Enclothed cognition involves two factors: “the symbolic meaning of the clothes and the physical experience of wearing them.” (HuffPost) Subconsciously people are unaware how much their clothes affect them. How do you conduct yourself when you wear sweatpants versus formal wear? Think about it. When you wear clothes meant for lounging and lazy days, that is probably how you will carry yourself. The same thing goes for wearing formal wear.

That is why in surveys asking women when they feel most confident, “when wearing heels” is always somewhere on the top of the list. People don’t wear heels in the comfort of their own home. Women wear heels to dates, meetings, important events etc. because they want to give others the right impression. This is what “the symbolic meaning of the clothes” means in enclothed cognition. If you want people to perceive you to be a certain way through the clothes you wear, chances are that is how you already perceive yourself when your wear those items. So go ahead. Wear your best outfit and look in the mirror. Seeing yourself dressed to the nines might just boost your confidence.

Here's a fun animated video that talks about this phenomenon

Love Yourself

Everyone has at least one physical feature they find attractive about themselves. Don’t have one? Think about which of your features you are less critical of and go off of that. If you flaunt those features in due time you’ll eventually become more confident in them. Embracing your best feature is one step towards loving yourself and feeling confident in your own skin. Self love and confidence go hand in hand. Loving yourself is an uphill battle but you are not alone. A great number of people in the US (and around the world) struggle with this challenge. Knowing this should put your mind at ease. Achieving self confidence is a long journey for most people and taking small steps such as having a favorite feature helps.

Loving yourself starts with confidence, health, and peace of mind.

Loving yourself starts with confidence, health, and peace of mind.

Haters Gonna Hate

This is very difficult to do but… but if you want to become more confident then ignore the haters. Sometimes we feel like we need to listen to criticism, but there is a difference between constructive criticism and hurtful comments. Figuring out the difference between the two will give you more peace of mind. Haters are not worth your time or concern. They are called haters for a reason. More often than not, their hate is unwarranted and completely unnecessary. Their goal is to see you not do well.

There is no reason to indulge in the negativity when there are several positive things around you. Focusing on things and people that ultimately make you feel good and happy about yourself will be more beneficial to you in the long run. When you tune out the negative noise, you will have a harder time coming up with reasons to doubt yourself. With less reasons to doubt yourself, gaining confidence will slowly become easier.

For younger people and the millennial generation of today, this is so, so important. You are growing up in a society that has the ability to sit behind a keyboard and judge people. It's not right, it's not fair and it's not a good practice. Your world and future opportunities will open up based on your acumen, your reserve, your professionalism and your poise. This will also put you in a position to reject and ignore negativity and unwarranted criticism when it comes your way. There's something to be said about being the bigger person. 

Fake it  

Fake it 'til you make it is advice that can be applied in many situations and this is one of them. When you exude confidence (even if it's initially fake) people will pick up on it. Feigning confidence may seem silly at first, but over time your faking might become the real deal.

Rather than changing from the inside out, you bring the outside in. Inc.com

How it works: just how forcing yourself to smile can genuinely improve your mood, the same logic works here. If you smile you’ll likely to start to feel happy. If you pretend to be confident in due time you won’t be pretending anymore. Studies have shown that there is evidence to back this up.

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