5 Current Fashion Trends For Everyone to Try

Fashion Trends You Need to Consider

“How to dress for your body type" articles can be helpful. However, they can deter someone from wearing a certain trend just because a fashion writer told them not to. Not to discredit these articles, but if you want to wear something - wear it. Clothes are meant to be worn regardless of the wearer’s shape or size. What matters most is whether or not the clothing you are wearing makes you feel good. What other people think of your outfit is not your concern. You are what you wear and if it makes you feel amazing, then ROCK IT.

If you want to wear something - wear it.
— Debbie Aderinkomi

In order to be your most confident self, all that matters is your opinion. Of course, if you are receiving positive and uplifting encouragement from others there is no reason to totally ignore that.

Count The Ways

Instead of “how to dress for your body type” here are 5 trends to try (that look good on everyone):

Fashion Trend 1

Head to your nearest Forever 21 and I can guarantee at least ⅕ of the merchandise on the floor is some variation of off the shoulder. Whether it's in the form of a sweater, top, dress or bodysuit off the shoulder looks are everywhere. And for good reason-- it looks good on everyone. For the girls who can’t go without a bra with straps, this trend can still work because some looks still include straps even though they are considered off the shoulder!

Glamorous Bardot Swing Dress

Glamorous Bardot Swing Dress

Fashion Trend 2

The next trend uses an old fashioned trick, layering. Layering has many different meanings. For Midwesterners layering refers to wearing a tank top, t-shirt, long sleeve, sweater and down feather coat to avoid feeling cold during the winter. In the fashion world, you can layer necklaces, bottoms (see below) etc. In this case layering a plain tee, usually white, with a spaghetti strap slip dress is becoming a staple.

5 Current Fashion Trends for Everyone to Try

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Fashion Trend 3

A must have for any low maintenance person is the sweatshirt dress, but you don’t necessarily have to be low maintenance to wear one. The sweatshirt dress follows the path of the anti-form fitting trend currently going on in the fashion industry.

It's a great way to stay stylish without sacrificing comfort.

Forever 21 Hooded Sweatshirt Dress

Forever 21 Hooded Sweatshirt Dress

Fashion Trend 4

As for bottoms, cut off denim is extremely popular at the moment. “Midi-length”,
“cropped” these terms are generally referring to similar styles of jeans. When jeans are cut off above the ankle, but below the knee it gives off a lengthening look to your legs without showing too much skin.

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Fashion Trend 5

Another layering look (especially on Instagram) people are doing is wearing fishnet tights under extremely distressed jeans. Typically paired with a crop top to show off the detailing of the fishnets. The reason this look is on this list is that the waistband of the fishnets sits on the smallest part of your waist, creating a flattering look NO MATTER YOUR SIZE.

Fishnets under denim 👌🏻

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